June 30, 2001

California Labor Federation is spearheading union rallies around the state demanding a real price cap on wholesale electricity and a refund of $7 billion in overcharges by the energy pirates.

The above collage of photos was taken at the recent Fresno rally. It is page 3 in the July issue of the Labor/Community Alliance Magazine which also includes incisive articles on:

1) the whole phony energy shortage

2) the abuse of sheepherders in California

3) how police feel loyalty to the political hierarchy, not the people

4) how restorative justice can reduce crime... And much more.

If you cannot find a copy around Fresno or live out of town, you can get a sample copy by mail. Send $1 to the Alliance, Box 5077, Fresno, CA 93755. Subscriptions are $35/year.

See video of Fresno energy rally

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