Follow 5 union plumbers and join the Seattle confrontation between corporate globalization (WTO) and a broad street theater alliance of unions and other

grassroot groups. A provocative blend of facts from speakers and creative street theater dramatizing specific to general objections to WTO trade policies and how they hurt people around the world. Interwoven are direct actions which stopped the WTO meetings. Later, our plumbers reflect on organizing tactics and their possible futures.

Viewers say:

“Best video of the Seattle actions.” “Made my day.”

Educational uses: globalization, community organizing, political science, philosophy, economics, video

30 minutes • $30 to unrich individuals and unfunded community groups; $125, all others • shipping and tax included. Available only on DVD. 21 Interactive chapters
• The plumbers • Plumbers night before
• Our winning ticket • Bldg trade back enviros
• Our Mother Earth sacred • Trade answer is lie
• Our extended earth family
• Boycott GAP\• Sold down the river
• Keep on fighting •Labor & environment secondary
• Hell no WTO • We will not cooperate
• Working class is moving
• WTO wants... • WTO eats world
• Howled world is watching
• What is WTO¿? • Prep for spontaneous moment
• Make history or be history
• Plumbing the actions.

Corporate greed ed in class size bites.

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Crucible of democracy


Ruled against us and our brothers and sisters of other species

Our Mother Earth is Sacred

Anti-fascist marching band

Our winning ticket

Make history or become history

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