Archives of Fresno Bee's recent anti-people actions

* Fresno Bee loses 100 years in undealing with workers trying to unionize. Includes anti-union letter from publisher. Photos of Bee worker protest. Letter from ex-Bee worker. Elfie ramble on why union organizing is a SunMt issue. Truth about the 98 GM strike. Contacts for union organizers in Fresno area.

* How Bee threats beat union. Union organizer explains how illegally firing union supporter beat the union. Photos of rally just before union election.

* Illegally fired worker wins first round against Bee

* How Bee reports union news

* Bee is mesmerized by the Starr voice

* Bee ignores Davis farm union appointment to gloat over biggie

* Bee stalls on negotiating with union presspeople

* Pressmen press Fresno Bee nasty tactics

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