Enron screwing us for untold billion$

Remaining claims against Enron energy blackmail for 2000-2001 =
$65 Billion $$$. So far they have paid out only about 1/2 billion $$$.The company now only
has $13 billion $$$
although it once was worth over $100 billion $$$. Where did the $$$ fly to¿?
Somebody's offshore bank¿?

In the NY Times "settlement" story below Enron agrees to pay $1.52 billion $$$.
However after additional laundering through bankruptcy Enron will pay only
about 20 cents on each of those dollars.

Do you want to bet they pay 10 cents or less¿?

Feel the screwing yet¿?

Click here for entire NY Times article.
Click here for more details on Enron energy blackmail.

Read above article slowly. Let the screwing sink in.