Ex-braceros sue to gain
billion $$$ taken from
pay and never returned

We join ex-braceros among us marching on Wells
Fargo Bank in downtown Fresno as they demand
return of nearly$1,000,000,000 taken from their pay
and never returned.The $$$ were first deposited in
Wells Fargo.
From1942to 1964 some 2.5 million
Mexicans workedon U.S. farms and railroads as
indenturedservants under the Bracero program.
Low pay. Norights. 10% of their pay was deducted
as an allegedsavings program. They were to get
those $$$ onreturn to Mexico. They never got them.
Some $1billion. No one cops to knowing where the
$$$ are,so ex-braceros are now suing to get back pay
from as long ago as 1942.

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