Katrina is merely the latest horror of the Bush administration's corruption and ineptness.
Now might be a fine time to start impeachment actions. Click here

Bill of Particulars (a sample):

• Bush stole 2 elections. Click here.
• Bush was complicite and/or inept in the 9-11 tragedy. Click here.
• Bush started wars on 2 countries based on lies... Even after Afganistan offered to
give up Bin Laden. Click here.
• Bush sent our troops to these lying wars in suburban hummers with no armor and little
personal body armor. Click here and here.
• Bush exposed our troops and all of Iraq to depleted uranium which is deforming
babies in U.S. and Iraq — and will for infinite generations. Click here.
• Bush is trying to lower medical coverage for our veterans. Click here.
• Bush lowered taxes on the very rich while spending billions on war and driving our
beloved country into deepest debt ever. Click here.
• Bush has cut $$ for our education. Click here.
• Bush is cutting medicare benefits. Click here.
• Bush wants to turn our social security over to the stock market. Click here.
• Bush has cut back our environmental protections. Click here and here.
• Bush cut back $$ for Corps of Engineers to maintain levees around New Orleans.
Click here.
• Bush appointed 3 GOP hacks with no emergency experience to head FEMA,
with a budget in the billions and almost total authority over our lives and economy.
Click here and here.

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