Bush an al Qaeda agent?
We Martian anthropologists have been studying George Bush’s actions and words since
2001. Our research leaves little doubt:
he is an agent of al Qaeda agent assigned to destroy the United States. He is doing an
insidious job of destroying the U.S. middle class while presenting himself as their defender.
Let us look at the record.
- Bush engineered the alleged 9-11 attacks with some alleged hijackers traced to Saudi
- He soon launched wars against two other countries: Afghanistan and Iraq. The bigger
war was against Iraq even though none of the alleged hijackers was from Iraq. And Iraq
was hostile to al Qaeda.
- Bush ignored the Saudi Arabian connections —— going so far as to host at the Bush
Texas ranch one of the leading Saudi sheikhs and hold his hand:
Is this not a symbol of courtship and love
in your world? Were not most of the 9-11 terrorists Saudi?

- Bush said he would “rebuild” Iraq.
He sent a very small number of inexperienced administrators and made gross alleged errors
like shipping billions of $$$, literally tons of $$ in paper cash form loaded onto pallets that
look like so many bags of your grain. We see most Earthan $$ are transferred through bank
drafts, which allows accountability, because with cash, there is no paper to follow. We are
not surprised that large amounts of this cash $$ have turned up in the hands of insurgents
and al Qaeda cadres who are killing Americans and Iraqis. And this is only the most recent
incident. While Iraquis report that little reconstruction has actually occurred. Interesting.

- Right after 9-11, Bush reassured you Americans by urging you to continue shopping.
Are most of you American Earthens are so complacent because you are too busy

Following are two examples of Bush word flipping which completely reverses the
meanings of what he is doing to your country:
- Right after 9-11, Bush immediately launched his “war on terror.” Many people warned
him at the time that if he started aggression in the Mid-East he would not destroy terrorism
but in fact would increase terrorism.
The so-called “war on terror” appears to have become a “war for terror” in which Bush
uses the resulting escalation in “terror” to advance his agenda. He appears to do
whatever he wants.

- Bush used the fear of terrorists that he created to push Congress to pass what he called
the “Patriot Act”.
This flip of word and meaning looks more like the “Fascist Act” in your terminology,
because it gives total power to the leaders while it severely weakens the U.S. guarantees
of freedom and fair treatment by the law that is one of the gems of this galaxy.

Furthermore Bush is weakening the U.S. by cutting back on infrastructure and social
services, while spending vast amounts of money on war with no accountability for
unexplained losses of money, material, or lack of fulfillment of reconstruction contracts.
These lucrative contracts were given without the usual bidding process to Bush friendly
Where are the fiscal conservatives clamoring for a balanced budget? They do not appear
to have enough backbone to stand against the fear button Bush pushes constantly, keeping
your people agitated and submissive. Very interesting.

Bush and other Republicans have risen to power along with the use of electronic voting
machines, and they seem to have manipulated your new equipment, owned by an avowed
Bushman, to put their leader and his friends in office.
We see that a technician just changing a little text can change millions of votes. We
how long you U.S. citizens will wait to correct this alleged error,
which puts your sacred concepts of privacy and freedom of choice at great risk.
Very very interesting

Bush has repeatedly given the rich huge tax cuts which drive the country deeper into
debt —— a debt held in large part by China, the world’s biggest communist country.
Are not many of your Republicans strong anticommunists? Where are they now? It
appears from our perspective that the U.S. rich are lulled by their tax cuts, and the rest
of you are distracted with working and consuming, lulled by the lies and diversions of
your corporate controlled media even as Bush keeps moving to destroy the country.
Very interesting.

The result of our research leads to several hypotheses. Are not all these Bush actions
what a person you call a double agent would do to destroy your U.S. from the inside¿?
Conceivably all this Bush treason might be traced to — instead of disloyalty —
just plain greedy stupidity. Or even a death wish.

No Matter the root cause of his actions, we see that he is severely weakening your
country; and we wonder how long you will submit to this treasonous leader¿?

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