Bush's yellow heat on Cuba

Summary of the May 1, report by the "Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba":
Highlights of 500 pages, some marked 'top secret' and not for public dissemination!

Family Visits
a.. Requiring that all Cuban Americans visiting their family apply for individual
licenses from OFAC – (This means approximately 150,000 license
applications a year).
b.. Limiting family visits to one trip every three years under specific licensee,
eliminating the General License category for family visits.
c.. Limiting the definition of family visits to those visiting grandparents,
grandchildren, parents, siblings, spouses, and children only.
d.. Limiting the family visits to 14 days.
e.. Limiting baggage to no more than 44 lbs; only exception for specifically
licensed humanitarian donations.
f.. Reducing the per diem amount from $167 to $50 per person for all family
visits to Cuba.

Academic & Other Licenses
a.. Academic educational licenses to be granted for one year only.
b.. Limiting academic programs to semester-long programs with shorter
programs permitted only if such programs 'directly support US foreign policy goals.'
c.. Eliminating provision permitting $100 worth of Cuban goods to be brought
back to the United States (other than educational materials which are not affected).
d.. Eliminating the specific license provision for clinics and workshops. General
a.. Eliminating the General License provision for amateur athletic teams, with all
such travel requiring application for a specific license.

Fully Hosted Travel
a.. Eliminating the 'concept' of fully-hosted travel and requiring that all Cuba
travel-related transactions be licensed under general or specific license regardless
of who pays for it. (Cuban 'entities' can no longer invite guests that the U.S.
government does not censor)

Efforts to Influence International Opinion
a.. Supporting the promotion of Cuba as country harboring international terrorists,
committing espionage against the U.S. and other nations, inflicting human rights abuses,
and undermining democratically-elected governments in Latin America as part of a
broader effort to discourage tourist travel and reinforce negative attention to Cuba.
b.. Funding and promoting international or third-country national conferences to
disseminate information abroad about U.S. policies on planning for a transition to
a new government in Cuba.
c.. Deterring foreign investment in Cuba’s confiscated properties. This is the
property which Cuban American ex-patriots left behind but still claims their own
because it was confiscated by a Communist Cuban government.

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