Music: Inyana
Cooling Big Mama — saving our own asses
Engaging each other to dance for social justice is vital. However, this is only
half a dance. The other half is dancing our personal lives toward harmony
with each other AND Big Mama. Both halves are vital to our collective survival.
Here are some hints on our personal-Big Mama side of this dance. This is a
living growing document so as you discover more steps whistle so they can
be added to this page.

December 22, 2002 • Fighting terrorism at home -a low tech toolkit
January 13, 2003 • Fighting terrorism at home #2
SunMt romancing Big Mama
Kill coke machines, get higher grades
December 15, 2003 • 9 is our healthful number
March 27, 2004 • Exxon oil spill — our grief fires our spirits against
market place madness
April 21, 2004 • Elfie mulls healing dance, not revolution
June 21, 2004 •Maia guides us to wild earth snacks
March 29, 2005 • Monsanto jamming poison down our throats
April 23, 2005 •We honor & defend Wahallich, sacred mountain
May 5, 2005 • coming home to Wahallich on Earth Day
Cooling Big Mama a bit with wind up Flashlight