The claim that Bush has a cowardly yellow stripe for attacking small defenseless
countries brought the following messages.

What do you mean by "yellow?"

I would like to ask what is the meaning of "yellow" in your message.
If it implies the Asian race or Chinese, then it is very offensive.
The policy of the Chinese government has little in common with the
values of majority of Chinese and Asians. Although I agree with you on
the fact that political oppression is more severe in China than in
Cuba, using the term "yellow stripe" to characterize the
Administration's bias to favor China on the issue of human rights is
inappropriate. The term "yellow perils" has been used in America back
in the 19th and early 20th Century to degrade and insult Chinese living
in America. It was a term of racial prejudice. It was not long ago
when we had the case of Wen Ho Lee, when the Clinton Administrationm,
Congress and the Media had the obsession to lynch the "yellow" spy.
The American government whether under Democrat or Republican will
continue to use China as an excuse to achieve their set political and
military goals.

Please be sensitive in your political messages.



A good and fair question
Our answer:
"Yellow" in our story has nothing to do with a reference to the color of the Asian
race but is used as the common American term for cowardly. "Chicken" is another
term for coward.

In context, we use the term to frame the Bush administration's cowardly bullying
attacks on small, virtually defenseless countries, based on lies, while using the biggest
guns in the whole world. In the false name of spreading democracy, they attack
where they think they have a quick victory. These are chicken, cowardly,
"yellow" wars.

The essence of yellow as we use it:
We are sad that we, worldwide, have allowed ourselves to be governed by
such a cabal of backward governments. We are particularly sad about our
beloved country. We Americans live the most materially rich lives and therefore
have the greatest power and responsibility to create more humane conditions
worldwide. However, we have allowed our cowardly, power hungry government
to slide more and more toward fascistic practices of lies, torture, uncharged detentions,
phony "wag the dog" fabrications, election fraud, repression of opposition voices and
unprovoked wars.

Thanks for raising this sensitive issue and giving us the opportunity to
clarify what we are saying.

Smiling Seriously,
Maia & Elfie

Then came more responses

"You are not saying Bush folks are Chinese"
get someone to look at yellow
inthe O E D

yellow peril "me suena"

but that does not invalidate your use of the term
as it IS US current vernacular, with not (often) a reference
to Asian race...

of course you are not saying that the Bush folks are Chinese...or oriental...

in solidarity
daniel del solar

"A weak explanation"
We must remember the abuse of Chinese workers in the mines and
on the railroads and how they were bullied by all elements, held as
semi slaves with the use of drugs, pilloried as job stealing inferiors by
the San Francisco labor movement and burned out of San Jose, etc.
Real research might show that the term yellow to mean coward comes
out of the racist persecution of, what was considered by our white American
predecessors,a "cowardly and inferior race." If so, you might want to
get an apology out on your web site rather than a weak explanation.

Fred Hirsch

"Political correctness too far"
In a recent Modesto political club meeting some suggestion was
made about dues, someone responded that that sounded a little
niggardly, and yet someone else went through the roof. We can all
carry the touchy rather than the feely political correctness too far.
Thanks for the Fuller Explanation.
Fred Herman

"Yellow is a racist epithet"
I agree with anonymous. I think using yellow to mean cowardly is a
racist epithet. I remember referring to the "yellow bellied Japs."
Ellie Bluestein

"Wake up call on Cuba"
Thanks for a needed wake up call on Cuba. As a Florida resident
for 40+ years, I feel a kinship with Cuban Floridians and have
wondered why we still can't go there....We should all be watchful
and speak up when we read, hear and see activity against our
small neighbor to the South.
Marcy and George Ballis (This George Ballis is Elfie's first cousin)

As Daniel suggested above we went to "yellow" in the big
dictionary where we found almost a full page of definitions including:
•"yellow" birds and flowers
•"yellow dog contract," requiring workers to pledge they won't join a union
•"Yellow" as in aging paper and people
•"Yellow journalism," cheaply sensational to an offensive degree.
•"Yellow" cowardly
•"yellow peril," the alleged threat of Asian masses to white race control
of the world,
"Yellow" is really spread around.

However we apologize for any sensibilities we have violated with our
use of "yellow" in referring to Bush's cowardly attacks on small
defenseless countries.

We guess our only weak excuse is that we feel our beloved country is
facing black days under the Bush madness. Much worse than when we
faced the red peril before U.S.S.R. collapsed. Besides we are also now
threatened by the white peril of a takeover by the Christian fundamentalists.

A couple days later SunMt received the following:

"Well done"
Well done, Elfie!
Howard Watkins

"Tree is known by its fruit"
There’s sensitivity and then there’re agent provocateurs.
A tree is known by its fruit.
Bob Gipson

"So I'm a little paranoid"
Hope you didn’t misinterpret my slight venting. I’m just doubtful that
anyone would really see your use of “yellow” as denigrating any race.
It’s ludicrous. In Sacramento we’ve had a few interlopers in the local peace
activities that artfully sowed discord and specious red herrings.
So I’m a little paranoid – sorry if I sounded too reactionary.
Bob Gipson

"All wars are religious wars and..."
I read the discussion on ''yellow'' with great interest -
especially your closing line: "...we are also now threatened by the
white peril of a takeover by the Christian fundamentalists."
Why not protest churches like some groups do?
Carrying a blood-splattered cross with the words IRAQ or PALESTINE
''WE DON'T WANT YOUR RACIST WARS'' is guaranteed to get their
attention. Why not ask the hypocritical pastors at mega-churches
like Peoples or Northwest or Clovis Hills if they oppose
abortion but support the Bush's wars of (BIBLICAL?)
"JUST RETRIBUTION" and then picket them on Sunday morning?
Why protest the government when it is ''JUDEO-CHRISTIAN'' Churches
who DO NOT DEMAND PEACE who are the SOURCE of our
WAR PROBLEM? It is the greedy corporate churches - IN BED
with the government for fear of losing their TAX-Exempt status
who WILL NOT TAKE A STAND against war - they're the ones you
need to TAKE A STAND AGAINST - they are way more influential
over public policy than than ANY government ever could be and far
more threatening! ALL WARS ARE RELIGIOUS WARS and ALL
WARS ARE BANKERS' WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patty Ford

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