December 25, 1999

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Christmas baskets

The gift that keeps on taking and taking

In other words ----

Never befriend the oppressed unless you are prepared to
take on the oppressor.


Elfie holds that giving to the poor on holidays is just a cheap excuse for not working to correct our societal injustices on Monday mornings. A lot like that Christian leader who, when challenged about his shady business dealings, blurted: I leave God home on Mondays. The real measure of our commitment to social justice is not the turkeys we hand out on Christmas, but the sweat we offer on the other 364 days to eliminate hand outs. To assist the poor in organizing their ways out of poverty, so, head held high, they can buy their own turkeys. There are many hard working poor on our farms, in our cities. They do not need turkeys of pity; they need unions of power to get higher wages -- and a dignified life. Here are a couple examples.


Over 3,000 strikers and supporters march in King City, CA in a 7-month fight against right-wing bosses trying to destroy the union and cut worker benefits. For more info, click here for striker web page.


Informational picket line at Channel 21 in Fresno. Workers are suffering from the Christmas turkey syndrome. The bosses gave them backpacks instead of turkeys -- and instead of a contract and wages hikes.


Buy A Bale A Month Club

As reported in our e-mail message of October 12, member Vic Bedoian has organized a Buy A Bale A Month Club. Each club member pledges to donate to SunMt $5 a month to buy, truck and store a bale of straw for Baby SunHouse, SunMt's demonstration passive solar straw bale-adobe dwelling. Purpose to develop engineering data so that straw bale construction can become a part of the regular building code. The club will live until the project is fully financed. You can join by sending in your first $5.

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