December 4, 1999

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As we battle in Seattle and other same places, Big Mama dances onward

Several moons ago while vision questing in Death Valley Elfie was visited by a weeping grey lady. She told Elfie she was weeping for us humans because in our frantic race for progress we are destroying ourselves. We may think, she said, we are merely destroying the environment and that we can survive our degradations by various high tech solutions as yet unknown. What will survive, she warned, is Big Mama. We humans may cripple her, but she will prevail long after we are gone, just as she did long before we came up from the monkeys.

Elfie was colorfully reminded of this truth upon trucking back up on SunMt after several contentious days in Seattle.

Ripe green guavas

Hawthorne berries, great heart tonic

Persimmons, soft haychias and apple-like fujus

Olives and a mandarin orange, one of the few because the trees lost many to frost.

Pomegranate and an out of season rose.

Rosemary bloom and the loquat setting fruit for harvest next May

Buy A Bale A Month Club

As reported in our e-mail message of October 12, member Vic Bedoian has organized a Buy A Bale A Month Club. Each club member pledges to donate to SunMt $5 a month to buy, truck and store a bale of straw for Baby SunHouse, SunMt's demonstration passive solar straw bale-adobe dwelling. Purpose to develop engineering data so that straw bale construction can become a part of the regular building. The club will live until the project is fully financed. You can join by sending in your first $5.

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Upcoming are:

*Walk on the wild side

SPECIAL TO DONORS & MEMBERS: all dues and donations may be redeemed toward Maia paintings or Elfie photos or Dream... books/posters.

AND... Donors of $300 or more have option of getting a web page designed by Main Mac, Maia, Elfie and the SunMt kid-elves.


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