December 7, 1998

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Bee coverage of Grey Davis is off color

Soon after the November election, the Fresno Bee runs a story on the 30-person transition committee appointed by Governor-Elect Grey Davis to help him fill on his appointed jobs. The Bee did not list the 30 names. It cited only a handful of San Joaquin Valley selections headed by rich Republican John Harris a large farmer. Plus a few legislators. When Elfie read this story, he opined, Looks like the same old political game - cutting out the poor and liberals... However, a few days later he got an e-mail from the United Farm Workers Union reporting that their president, Artie Rodriguez, was one of the 30 appointees...

How come the Bee overlooked the union¿?


Buy A Bale A Month Club

As reported in our e-mail message of October 12, member Vic Bedoian has organized a Buy A Bale A Month Club. Each club member pledges to donate to SunMt $5 a month to buy, truck and store a bale of straw for Baby SunHouse, SunMt's demonstration passive solar straw bale-adobe dwelling. Purpose to develop engineering data so that straw bale construction can become a part of the regular building. The club will live until the project is fully financed. You can join by sending in your first $5.

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*Walk on the wild side

Several old time SunMt shamanic tribists have interest in doing significant reunions. 2 weekends at SunMt plus an 8-day vision quest in Death Valley or High Sierra. Get more by info whistling for Elfie.

SPECIAL TO DONORS & MEMBERS: all dues and donations may be redeemed toward Maia paintings or Elfie photos or Dream... books/posters.

AND... Donors of $300 or more have option of getting a web page designed by Main Mac, Maia, Elfie and the SunMt kid-elves.


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