What you say about SunMt media:
“Your enormous energy and creativity always impress me.”
“You keep us on our toes.”
“I am humbled by your ability to communicate through art.”
“Again, you have really inspired me. I feel as if I can see the light and
attempt to escape from the corporate web.”
“I was moved to tears with how you captured the magical human spirit.”
“Thanks for creating a wonderful tool for social change and planet healing.”
“You really have a beautiful gift of conveying the humans living within events.”
“Without your work there would be nothing to prove that we were there.”
“You have the power to make me laugh & cry, but what I admire the
most is your power to inspire! Thank you sincerely from the depths
of my heart for all you do.”

“Elfie marched with Cesar, was the main photographer of him, and has worked on
almost every issue in the world. This person is a legend in his own time. Serious.”