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Elfie and Veterans Administration —
single payer saved my life... And my $$$
Elfie is smiling, breathing, peeing & solvent
because of VA single payer health care.

I fought WWII as a Marine with a screwdriver on Pacific Islands... So I am eligible for VA
medical care - one of our existing single payer systems, in which I enlisted about 20 years ago
when my body started losing its 20 year old sheen.

SINGLE PAYER CARE: My experience with the VA has been 99+% positive. Over the years
they have offered great diagnostics and the prevailing AMA medical treatments with some med
roads which I have rejected. I prefer nutritional support when it works. Faced with plumbing
problems, the VA urologist I saw wanted me to have an invasive biopsy. When I refused, The doc
sent me home to die. I did not follow that order.. I opted to monitor my urine retention. Then last
year, my bladder swelled with unpassed urine — pregnant with a 2 quart water baby — so I went
to VA where they drained my bladder and fitted me with a leg bag to continually drain my bladder.
They waited a month and tested me to see if I could pee again on my own. I could not.

SINGLE PAYER SURGERY & TREATMENTS: Then I visited another VA urologist who had a
great service to the community record. At that time my PSA test (cancer indicator) was 290. PSA
“normal” is about 3. He suggested a valve job on my bladder that would also provide the cancer
biopsy I needed. Right after the operation my PSA was 270, but I could not pee... So back on the leg
bag with some urinary drugs. 3 months later I could pee without the bag and my PSA was under
200... 3 months later after getting some anticancer hormone blocking shots ( $1200 a pop if I had to
pay cash) my PSA was 4! 3 months later: O.4. In another 3 months: O.1, and I will not get another
shot unless my PSA levels go to 10.

Without the VA single payer system I would either be dead or so far in debt., I would never get free...

Everyone even those who did not fight wars with screwdrivers should have this coverage... That is
why I am strongly in favor of HR 676, the only plan which would cover all of us AND save $$$.
The so-called public option pushed by Obama and the “liberals” is in its current form a convoluted,
confusing subsidy for insurance companies which would be financed by the government to continue
to screw us.... The current vague legislation seems to mandate we all get insurance from a private
company. Those of us who could not pay the premiums to the companies would have our premiums
paid in part by the government. Everything is vague but points to delivering us low income folks to
the insurance companies.

Better to lose than accept the current vague reform now on the table.... A “reform” we would be
stuck with for years... Maybe forever¡!

Hear what Bill Moyers said the other day about politics, health care and public responsibility here.

Email our D.C. employees for single payer system here.