Prague (we) are everywhere

TUCSON: 100 picketed the National Law Center, a corporate free trade front. They were pepper sprayed and threatened by police shotguns. The coalition of unionists, Earth Firsters and Students Against Sweatshops held their ground, dispersing only at THEIR appointed hour. They paraded a large shoe puppet to mimic the sweatshop shoe making conditions.

LOS ANGELES: Using puppets, theater and dance, 300 folks shut down part of the LA financial district. They were threatened by cop in riot gear, armed with rifles.

PROVIDENCE, RI: 250 rallied to a local living age world wide.

MADRID, Sept 28 (Reuters) - About 15 demonstrators burst into the Czech Republic consulate in Barcelona on Thursday, demanding the release of fellow anti-capitalist activists held in Prague during anti-IMF disturbances, officials said.

The demonstrators, mostly youths, stayed in the consulate for about three hours before being cleared by police, Czech honorary consul in Barcelona, Jose Maso Portabella, said.

BOMBAY:We want water, not Pepsi! We refuse to accept the World Bank's dadagiri!

Approximately fifty protestors, armed with a riot of colorful banners, posters, art and food demanded the withdrawal of the government's 'New' Economic Program of economic globalisation. Demonstrating instances in which the government has ceased to be accountable to people and their issues, the activists claimed that the government was increasingly pursuing foreign capital at a tremendous social and environmental cost to the country. The
protest was held in conjunction with tens of thousands of people around theworld that are demanding that the International Monetary Fund and World Bank are having a disastrous impact on the people they are ostensibly instituted to benefit.

CAPE TOWN, S. AFRICA: A group of protesters gathered in front of the United States Embassy in Cape Town under the banner of Jubilee 2000 to protest against the debt relief policy of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund today. The
protest coincides with the international protest in Prague where the World Bank and the IMF are meeting.

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL: 800 + activists marched to the Stock Exchange to protest against capitalism and globalization. One could see banners saying "People's Global Action" (front banner) and "Seattle, Prague, Sao Paulo: We are everywhere". In the front line, the "Democrat Troop" with helmets and shields with inscriptions of constitutional rights and the phone number of the police corregidor. A group of people with pig masks and wearing T-shirts written "IMF", "WB" and "WTO" were playing football (soccer) with the globe. A capitalist monster, with a giant ugly head and a cloth body with scriptions of multinational corporations was "eating" people in the demo. In a scuffle with police, 22 were arrested and that night released.

STOCKHOLM: Approximately 200 anti-globalisation activists
demonstrated in Stockholm on the evening of September 26th. Beginning with speeches and reports from the situation in Prague, the calm but loud demonstration then began to move toward the large square in front of the Bourse. There police stopped the demo and riot police began to immediately seal off all the entries into the square with portable riot fences. The demo stood their
ground in the alley in which they standing and a police van drove into the alley from the rear. After circa ten minutes the entire area was sealed off and the demo began to dissolve as the
police van in the rear pulled away. The planned speeches and street theatre in front of the Bourse never occurred.

MONTREAL: Between 100-150 demonstrators gathered in Montreal as part of the International Day Against Capitalism (S26), and in solidarity with the protests against the IMF and the World Bank in Prague and worldwide.

The demonstration was led by banners reading "Smash Capitalism before it smashes you!" and "La rebellion est un droit! A bas le capitalisme!" [tr. Rebellion is a right! Down with capitalism!"]. The protest parade wound its way through Montreal's downtown streets, ending at the Stock Exchange Tower in the heart of the financial district. Throughout the parade, the Montreal police were ever-present, with dozens of vans crammed with riot police in full gear following the protest at a distance.

Near the Stock Exchange Tower, after a few speeches, the protest
dispersed into a nearby metro station as it became clear that the riot squad was ready to deploy.

MOSCOW: About 40 anarchists and anti-capitalists marched through one of Moscow's main streets on to the offices for the World bank in a demonstration of protest against capitalist globalization and a show of solidarity with comrades marching in Prague. Protesters chanted anti-capitalist slogans, blew whistles
and leafleted the pedestrians. Some cut and paste art action was made at the WB offices (slogans "Down with IMF/WB" were pasted onto the walls). Police that arrived in about 10 minutes, arrested six protesters and after a while the demo moved to the police station where arrested comrades were held.

However small, the march itself was a relative success because it was rather well-spirited and organized. On the eve of demonstration city authorities banned the demos in other parts of the city, but anarchists decided to march to the World bank offices nevertheless. This was the first action which was held in Moscow as part of the Global day of Action, and hopefully it will not be the last.

And many more to come

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