February 8, 2005

by George W. Bush, of course
Longest running political lie in U.S. history
Bush Said SS Would Go Bust By 1988
by David Sirota
Both USA Today and the Texas Observer have reported Bush claimed in 1978
that Social Security would go broke in 1988 unless Congress privatized the
system. As the Observer reports, Bush "warned that Social Security would
go bust in ten years unless people were given a chance to invest the money

According to USA Today, as a congressional candidate in 1978, George
W. Bush was claiming "Social Security would go broke in 10 years" - 1988.
Even then, he said the only way to fix this crisis was to privatize the system.
[Source: USA Today, 7/28/2000]

This is proof positive that Bush will say anything - no matter how ridiculously
inaccurate - to claim Social Security is in "crisis" and needs to be privatized.
Nothing he says about Social Security being in crisis today should be
regarded as credible once these past statements are taken into account.

Richies drive to kill social security actually began in 1935 right after it first
passed. Stay tuned as SunMt researches & reports this long running lie.

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