Windup flashlight works on arm power
Big Mama is a bit cooler with less toxic garbage
Most expensive & toxic electricity source is dry cell batteries.
Cost more per watt than any other electric source and when dead
are a highly toxic waste and require special disposal.

In search of a flashlight that is more Big Mama friendly we thought
about a unit that is powered by shaking. On the advice of a friend who
has tried one, and found it harder to charge; we bought this wind up,
that is rechargeable using less arm power. We have been using this
light since May 1, 2006. Sweet. Our friend has been happily using
his wind up since December 2005. Though the light is not a long
distance spotlight it is adequate for walking in darkness.

There are many models now on the market. This one has 3 operating
buttons which control: 1.
an LED light (torch) 2. a counterfeit money
detector with a small blue light which we have not tried. Want to try
Here is a web source
. You can also Google for many other versions
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music: Jimmy Cliff