SunMt Environmental Center
needs $$$ for straw bale bldg

Join SunMt's efforts in building & testing the first straw bale-adobe building in Fresno County
SunMt has been organizing around and raising funds for building Fresno County’s first straw bale
house for over 5 years. We now have a contract with Fresno County building department to build and
test this structure. World Class architect Arthur Dyson working with engineer Jerry Mele and Maia are
putting final touches on a beautiful, energy saving design. Here’s a rough drawing by Dyson from our


SunMt has raised $27,500 ($5,000 from United Farm Workers Union) over
half the $45,000 needed to build the straw bale dwelling.

Straw bale construction is one of those rare triple winners —— using ag wastes that pollute the air by
burning to create gorgeous buildings which conserve energy.

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