Responses to Elfie's healing mulls

We shortly got this response from Mike Becker:

In response to Elfie's words:

There is a prayer voice--the voice that speaks simultaneously self and
others (all my relations). It is the maha-atma--the self that knows itself as
part of the Great Spirit. (Ghandi had achieved it and thus was Mahatma.)
Atma is self-spirit-breath, much like the Greek logos. In the beginning was
the logos.

We are healing; we are for life.

The maha-atma is the mirror, the true self that knows the difference between
the narrowness of the ego and the breadth of the self as a part of the web of

My plea to progressives is not to divide ourselves--don't duplicate the
corporate media propaganda and call Earth First!ers violent when they act,
just as you do, to preserve life, but do so by sacrificing their liberty to stop the
destruction of the plant and animal people. Reflect instead on the violence that
all of us are opposed to--that corporate/state violence that kills soldiers and
civilians, kills forests, kills rivers, kills animals--wild, domesticated, pets, and
others, kills the air that is precious to all of us, especially to our children and
elders, and kills Earth First!ers like David Chain.

Healing/dancing/embracing the true self is revolutionary. But ours is a
revolution for life, a turning away from the death wish (Freud's Thanatos--the
opposite of Eros) that the corporate/state/media fantasy frenzy continues to
spin out. Turn yourself around--away from the consumption, the egoism, the
greed, the militarism, the systems that destroy what is natural, wild, simple,
and good. This is the revolution. We have nothing but our illusions to lose and
the simplicity of truth to gain.


Mike Robe

(feel free to share this Elfie--and thanks a million for your
documenting this revolutionary dance)

Herewith a response after SunMt sent out Mike Becker's musings.

As we sit in these Eastern Smoky Mountains with their acid rain and dangerous levels of
toxicity...I reflect on your words and thoughts.
we must combat terror at home...One idea that will conserve our precious water is cutting our
lawns by 50%...(you don't have one, I know)...But 30% of the water on the East coast and
60% of the water on the West coast is used, believe it or not , to water lawns (which also
require lots of poisonous fertilizers, etc and mowing by gas guzzling lawn mowers!!)

Your friend Mike wrote a profound response to your musings...
We must plant native plants that feed and shelter wildlife and don't consume extra water and
chemicals....Just one small but urgently important lifestyle mode to help our overall revolution...

We are moved seriously by your activities and truths you bring to this screen.Thank you
both you are quite amazing, truly empowered by earthforces beyond my knowledge.
It's good to call you family.

Marcy and George

The George here is Elfie's first cousin of the same given name George Ballis

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