This message passed on from Mike Rhodes (November 6, 1998):


Jerry Haydostian won his Unemployment hearing! Now it is on to the NLRB

hearing where we will get his job back as a driver in the transportation

department at The Fresno Bee.

By the way, Keith Moyer publisher at The Fresno Bee came out yesterday

with a letter saying that all benefits that they had promised during the

union election campaign have been put on hold until further notice.

Shocking, isn't it!?!

Elfie says: "Jerry is the strong union supporter who was fired illegally

by the Bee. That pushed enough workers to vote against the union. So the

union lost. Now the Bee sharks are reneging on the benefits they

promised workers if they voted against the union.

"This is the kind of stuff that bosses used to pull 100 years ago. ¿Que


Notice appended here, November 22, 2001: Jerry Haydostian announces that he is now

strongly anti-union.

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