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Most significant financial news since our May financial report is SunMt received:
(1) $1,000 as SunMt’s share of the out-of-court settlement of the GAP sweatshop civil suit.
(2) $4,000 from City of Fresno for rogue cops violating Elfie’s free press rights. Story click here.

Monthly option: One member has asked SunMt to charge her credit card $25 every month
We are happy to do the same for other monthly donations of $10 or more.

Please contact us with any questions and/or suggestions.

The $2,000 increase in assets is the purchase of a high end still digital camera. Immediate use is to do
photos for “A DIVERSE HARVEST,” a cultural cookbook of the San Joaquin Valley’s many faces.

SunMt Multimedia Income
Some of SunMt’s basic maintenance is financed by sales of Maia paintings and Elfie’s 50-year social action still photo archive. In the past 2 months this income has been limited to 3 small paintings and a few VHS copies of our docu-poems

Visit our cyber ART GALLERY click here.
For samples of PHOTOS by ELFIE:
click here (United Farm Workers) and
here (social action) and
here (land reform) and
here (60’s rock music posters)

A new exciting adventure surfaced this month.
If SunMt can raises an additional $24,000 we can have a 12 part docu-poem series on social actions
RISING UP broadcast monthly over Free Speech TV, a national satellite network with 8 million viewers.
They say our submissions are among the best that they get from all over the country.

Our pilot program is:
(1) PRAY WITH ME, Kathy Kelly telling poignant stories of her conversations with victorious
marines in Bagdad.
(2) RISING UP FROM SHAME OF WAR, Fresno-San Francisco actions on the cusp of the
Iraqi slaughter.
(3) FLAUNTING FREEDOM ON FOURTH IN FRESNO, under threat of arrest we read
Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence at the mall where 19 of us were arrested 3 years
ago for protesting GAP sweatshops.
(4) FOR FOOD FREEDOM, WTO protests against GM foods in Sacramento with our moving
voices from the streets.
dedication of monument to us braceros who were indentured servants on American farms and railroads
1942-64 and were cheated out of the billion bucks which was deducted from our pay on the pretense
we would be paid when we returned to Mexico. We weren’t.

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Smiling Seriously,
Maia and Elfie