March 1, 2000

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Cisneros has blue eyes

Which means as head of the company owning Channel 21 in Fresno, Homeboy Henry Cisneros acts just like any other anti-worker employer, regardless of race, color or creed. He was in Fresno as main speaker at a business conference whose slogan was Focus on what matters. He refused to talk to his workers or the press about his company sidestepping negotiations. Guess this means that to Cisneros the wages and working conditions of his employees are not what matters. Hungry on the picket sign means many of the people who make Cisneros rich are on a hunger strike.

Buy A Bale A Month Club

As reported in our e-mail message of October 12, member Vic Bedoian has organized a Buy A Bale A Month Club. Each club member pledges to donate to SunMt $5 a month to buy, truck and store a bale of straw for Baby SunHouse, SunMt's demonstration passive solar straw bale-adobe dwelling. Purpose to develop engineering data so that straw bale construction can become a part of the regular building code. The club will live until the project is fully financed. You can join by sending in your first $5.

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