March 29, 2001

Daytime curfew defeated

Young voices speak emerging power to Fresno City Council

By a 4-3 vote Fresno City Council this week rejected new Mayor Alan Autry’s strident drive for a daytime curfew. The vote came after nearly 4 hours of testimony, mainly from opponents of the restrictive ordinance which would apply a 8:30 am-3 pm curfew on young people from age 6 to 18. Autry billed it as a measure to reduce crime and keep kids in school.

Many old and young voices — and school officials — said truancy is not a problem which can be solved by a silver bullet.

After defeating the daytime curfew, the council voted a general study of truancy.

Voting against the measure were Tom Boyajian, Brad Castillo, Dan Ronquillo and Henry Perea. Voting for it were: Brian Calhoun, Sal Quintero and Jerry Duncan.

Clip below reveals powerful young voices and faces.

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