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Peace & light linguistics gifts from Martian Anthropologists 

OK... All you Earthens say you want peace and light on earth, during this season of low light. We Martians
have just completed a 7-year study of this issue. It was funded by our largest businesses, heavily invested
in greening earth for our self-defense. If the Earth goes, this whole solar system will be endangered, including
Mars. This study is an affectionate gift from us Martian Anthropologists to Earthens. After all we both are USes
in the same galaxy.

Here is our final report on how you Earthens can attain peace and the good life. This action would so strongly
clarify your perceptions of reality that you could easily change your thinking and actions toward peace and light.
Abolish 2 words from all earthen languages - them & away.

Abolish “them.” In earthen reality there are no thems. There is only us. Believing the them fairy tale as
you earthens now do, hoodwinks even the smartest and most powerful of you into stupid, suicidal behavior.
You shoot yourselves in the foot. And the head. And other inappropriate places. The them fairy tale gets such
hold on you that you spend huge resources and many earthen lives to destroy them. Even though them cannot
be destroyed, because them is an illusion, a figment of your addled perceptions. Getting them out of your
Earthen languages and heads will reveal to you open doors to peace.

  One of us, wrongly identified as a them, killed by “friendly fire“

Abolish “away.” As with them, in Earthen reality there is no away. You Earthens live in a closed
system, so you cannot throw anything away. You can just move it to another part of your closed system.
You are so infatuated with the away fairy tale that you act as if it is reality. As a result you are poisoning
yourselves. Much of your alleged drinking water is becoming undrinkable. One of the most long term,
deadly, dumbnesses of this fairy tale is a plastic island of debris floating in the mid-Pacific. It is now 2 Xs
the size of the land mass of the United States. It was created from plastic debris of Los Angeles and Tokyo
brought together by converging ocean currents. It is poisoning sea life — and the chain of life that supports
you earthens. Abolishing the fairy tale of away will require you earthens to rethink-redo what is now poisoning
you all. The sooner the better for all of us in this galaxy.

One of us killed by Pacific Ocean plastic “island.”
Bird mistakenly called an away that does not matter.

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