Martian anthropologists identify crippling
earthen disease: moral deflection
(special report from Mars to Elfie)

Many of you earthens suffer from what we Martians call the disease of moral deflection.

Moral deflection is particularly prevalent in self-styled moral earthen societies such as
the United States. You Americans profess intense beliefs in justice, equality, democracy.
When reality shows these beliefs in practice to be hypocritical — and effectively
resolving the issue would upset your comfort — an epidemic of moral deflection
sweeps the country.

Lengthy scholarly studies are done complete with numerous footnotes. Expensive, wordy
conferences are assembled featuring high-priced out-of-town “experts.” Newspapers and
magazines publish “in-depth” analyses. TV stations compile mini-series.

Carefully avoided in this mountain of “action” is any advocacy which really deals with the
conditions which caused the epidemic of morel deflection.

Poverty in America is one of these symptoms which lead to moral deflection. You well-off
Americans feel bad about those among you living in poverty. So what do you do¿? Do you
support the 2 proven ways Americans have climbed out of their poverty — union
s and
organizing political power¿? No. You organize “programs.” Or Christmas baskets

Some 40 years ago you Americans had a “war on poverty.” Elfie reported to us that he
joined that war and used the resources to help organize farm workers, garbage collectors
and welfare recipients. He was shortly investigated and “dishonorably discharged” for
violating the war’s guidelines against union and political organizing. These guidelines
came from the moral deflection epidemic gripping the country.

This disease is most flagrant in the way you American earthens treat farm workers. They
do the society’s most important work — growing food. You earthens can get along without
most anything else but we have never found any long term breathatarians in any of your
cultures. Food is vital. Yet farm workers garner the least respect and pay. They are dismissed
as lower class or foreigners or illegal immigrants or a host of other insults. All to justify not
giving them the respect and $$ they deserve.

Now poverty in America is a”hot” issue once again. You richees are getting richer and
you poorees are getting poorer. So there is a big conference in Fresno tomorrow (9-6-06) —
Worlds Apart, Futures Together.”

It is billed in Fresno Bee:
When it comes to overcoming the long-standing problem of poverty in Fresno, civic
leaders want expert advice.

We never heard of any civic leaders organizing earthens up from poverty. Most often
they stand in way when poor earthens get uppity and demand some respect and $$$.
Nothing about the “experts” or the program suggests the discussion will focus
on union and political organizing.... None of the real “experts” —
those living poverty — are among the featured speakers.

A terminal case of moral deflection.

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