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Latest report from Martian Anthropologists 
Earthens more moved by symbols than reality
We have been studying your earthen cultures for centuries and have consistently recorded how,
since you ”humans” have “arisen” from the apes, you seem to be more moved by symbols than
reality. More controlled by appearances than truth. More driven by words than deeds. 
This is not true of apes.

Let us cite a few examples of this confusing human behavior:
Your American president Bush has consistently falsehooded about threats to your U.S. Even
though these lies are widely recognized, you young American men and women willingly
march off to kill innocent people in a nation which is no threat.

A broadcaster was recently fired because an “outraged” public rose up on moral grounds
following a racist, sexist slur he made on the air. No such “outrage” has arisen over other
situations which you symbolically appear to value :
torture by the U.S. of Iraqi prisoners vs. life being sacred
rape of U.S. female soldiers by their “comrades” vs. women being valued and protected
enslavment of children and adults living in poorer conditions vs. human rights
sexual enslavement and beating of women vs. equal human rights
oppression and/or poisoning of workers who grow you food and make your goods
vs. tender care and feeding of animals you call pets...
And many other ACTIONS.

Early on you earthens began building huge structural symbols justified by what you
called religion. 
In fact, the hugeness of the structures seemed designed to keep the peasants in awe, fear
and totally controlled by your leaders at the time. Two of the most wasteful and
monstrous were:
pyramids: stone god houses built by slave labor (Egypt & the Americas) because the
cultural leaders were also gods
cathedrals: stone god houses built by peasants (in Europe) to empower the dominant
religion of the time.

Our ongoing conclusions are that you are confused beings, who exhibit irrational
behavior - unlike your apes.  Maybe arising from the apes took a depressive turn¿?

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