music: Jimmy Cliff

"The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence."
                                            Thich Nhat Hanh

The operative function of flaunting Christmas dinners for the poor is to sooth the consciences
of the givers who avert their eyes the other 364 days. To fill the stomach of a needy person
for one day is an insult, not a proof of caring. They are “given” for one brief moment what
they should have as an everyday right if we had a just society.

When we really care we are present the other 364 days in solidarity with the needy
organizing to get their rightful slices of our community pie. The opportunities to be
present abound.

• farm workers ongoing 40-year dance for decent wages and conditions.
• low paid, abused hospital workers seeking living wages, fair working conditions and respect.
• immigrants, papered and not, seeking release from abuse by politicians and racists and
asking recognition of their work.
• Gays demanding all human rights of our society.
• and many, many more.

The measure of our human (all species) caring is our solidarity presence on those other
364 days...