Music: Fred Small
2 courts decisions boost us un-recruiters
We un-recruit for evil axis of killing, commercialism
40,000 have deserted U.S. military since 2,000
Iraqi vet refuses and resist; does time
How to resist recruiters — advice from Quakers
How to get out once you’re in
More on how to get out once in
Conscientious objection to killing
Visalia area counseling on military service issues
Fresno area counseling on military service issues
We upstage military recruiters on college campus
Bush lied; my son died
This war is not OK; my son’s death is not OK
Mother Nadia rises up from grief of senseless killing
War-nik recants
Woman with 2 nephews wounded in Iraq and a third at risk
wants our boys home now
War terror ejaculates in U.S. bedrooms
Maiming whole generation based on lies
Military Money for College: Mainly a fantasy
Unreadable poem about unbeatable nation
Martin Luther King: “Courting spiritual death”
Refuse and Resist Dumb Bush War
The victor. What did he win¿?
Victorious • Vanquished
Victorious U.S. marines sleepless — "Could you pray with me?"
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