We rise up in Fresno and San Francisco from our
nation’s shame — the military industrial complex
(MIC) slaughter of Iraq. Joyful street theater and
song. Insightful, inspiring speeches by us call us
to escalate our actions for humanity and Big Mama.

• Berkeley Film Festival 2004
• Broadcast nationally Free Speech TV 2005

Educational uses: peace and justice, theater, conflict
resolution,youth counseling , community
organizing, video.

14 minutes • $25 to unrich persons and unfunded
communitygroups; $100, all others •
shipping, tax included. Also 64 minutes • $50 and $200.

To purchase call 888 303-0103 or e-mail.

See clips at links below

We are everywhere
“Don’t let my brother die for oil”
War is not glory
Fascism is creeping up
We are a nation of immigrants
Rise up with the people of the world
Die in for peace

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