Here’s what happened. After the die in evaporated, a tight circle of folks was debating
with passion. Josh (above) was heatedly arguing FOR attacking Iraq. Elfie was not
participating. After a few minutes, Elfie sidled up to Josh and whispered in his ear,
“When are you enlisting?” Josh waved Elfie off. Elfie persisted. Two three, four times
up to Josh’s ear with the same question. Getting louder with each repeat until he was
shouting so the whole group could hear. Josh stepped out of the circle and whined,
“Someone has to stay and protect the home front.” Elfie, himself a WWII marine vet,
roared with laughter
not realizing the photographer snapped his reaction.

Elfie views his central function as an amplifier for progressive actions with his
photography and video. He apologizes for drawing press attention away from the
powerful student die in. The event was “over” and he just could not resist needling
the blustering Josh. A small sharp pin deflates a pumped up balloon.

So why did the Bee choose this visual over the powerful image of the “dead” bodies?

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