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When Post Traumatic Stress
(PTS) indicates a morality crisis

After observing your earthen systems of child raising, we see that your teach your children
from early age to be obedient, respectful of others, polite. Many are taught a behavior rule
called Golden, emphasizing respect for the feelings of others.

Then when they become 18, you separate your warriors and teach them to become obedient
killers on demand, killers of people they do not even know. Killers of people they often have
no observable reason to hate.  These killing lessons run counter to information they have
received since birth. So, along with the killing courses we see you give them mind-bending
hate courses. They are taught that other beings called the enemy are really out to get them,
take their posessions, destroy their lives, and rape their females. This hated enemy is then
made out to be less like your kind - less than human, which appears to make them easier to
kill -  at first.

So we see your warriors march off dutifully to defend their country against the opposing
sub-human warriors. They do kill enthusiastically for awhile, doing things which they would
never have dreamed themselves capable and spurred on by feelings of fear and revenge for
any deaths among their numbers. Gradually, some discover the socalled enemy can be young
or old innocents; or that the enemy is human, and much like themselves. Doubts begin to
seep in. They become repulsed by their own killings, especially of children. They cannot
sleep, or their sleep is filled with horrors relived over and over.

Since the carnage they are ordered to create is opposed to their early training, we see a great
internal conflict beginning to rage in their hearts, minds and souls. Even if they suffer no
obvious physical damage, we see the internal electrical storms.  You classify this mental
state as a Post Traumatic Stress disorder. When these warriors withdraw, become depressed,
flee to another country, or kill themselves, they are viewed as suffering from invisible but
justified wounds of justifiable war. When the reality of their experience makes clear that
they are really aggressors rather than righteous defenders, we note that their mental storms
Our conclusion is that your current earthan teaching patterns are creating mental storms in
many warriors. What you call a dis-ease (PTS) in this case, is caused by what you call
a personal moral crisis. You profess to want evolved citizens, yet your current child raising
and warring policies are creating generations of moral bi-polars carrying invisible wounds.
You demonstrat a capacity for compassion and say you want democracy and peace, but
you can be very aggressive beings who demonstrate comfort with domination. We will
be interested to see if you solve these problems.

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