Another letter from the community

I read with interest that employees at The Fresno Bee want a union and elections will be held later this month. What has been Fresno Bee managements response to these developments?

The Fresno Bee often times supports unions and the rights of workers. The Fresno Bee, which is often times criticized about being a bastion of liberal propaganda - how do they respond when their own workers want the protection and security of a union?

Well, to start with they bring in an expensive, high powered union busting firm. They are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to consultants to avoid raising employees salaries. These consultants are engaged in a ruthless campaign of threats and intimidation against union supporters. Employees are forced to attend closed door meetings with management and the consultants. These meetings will last an hour or more and some employees have had to attend these interrogation sessions 6 or 7 times.

I can just hear the questions now. "I thought you liked working here. We always thought you had a future at The Fresno Bee." Vague threats and intimidation are the order of the day at The Fresno Bee. Letters were sent home to Bee employees saying that if the union wins this election it "could affect you and your family's security".

The Fresno Bee is fighting this union organizing drive with everything they've got. They don't want to have a level playing field where employees have some power at the workplace. They want to keep employees divided and without protection so they can continue their "business as usual."

Fortunately, the employees will decide for themselves if they want the strength and security of union representation or if they will continue to endure the abusive relationship they currently endure.


Pam Whalen 4773 N Arthur, Fresno, Ca 93705, 226-0477