Styrofoam, color it green¿?

Fresno Bee this week carried an article on how green building is catching on in Fresno — solar
electric, overhangs, etc. Much good stuff, but...
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“Green” building in Fresno being insulated with styrofoam,
touted for moisture resistance - but...

Styrofoam was featured as “green.” Let us look at this idea....
Styrofoam is a petroleum based product. Given that petroleum is a limited resource and other
renewable products can be used for insulation, is this a good idea? Styrofoam is not recyclable in
Fresno County, and is rarely recycled into other consumer products. If this insulation were at least
recycled, it might look more green, but it is not.

Styrofoam is virtually indestructable, yes, BUT Do not get caught near these walls in a fire or a
heat wave. Styrofoam outgases when warm upsetting animal-human hormone processes. Green?
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Styrofoam results in so much garbage if has been outlawed for fast food packaging in 100
cities. Green? Click here.

SO what if you use the styrofoam on exterior only? According to EPA data, styrofoam production
for insulation and foam make up 30% of CFC use in the U.S. CFCs are thinning our ozone layer,
reducing our protection from solar radiation. Green?

AND Chemicals used in manufacturing styrofoam are hazardous to the health of workers and
those who live near manufacturing plants. Green??? Click here.

AND Styrofoam is a big part of that 2X Texas plastic “island’ floating in mid- Pacific Ocean. It
will take 500 yrs. for styrofoam cup to dissolve, and into what?. Green? Click here.

But maybe all is well. Somehow¡!¿? These guys are teaching bacteria to eat styrofoam.
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