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Does not evaporate after the 6 oclock news...
Is non-profit, commercial free...
Does not allow crucial issues like — war deaths, war $$$, election frauds, exploited workers,
and green solutions
— to be swept under the banality rug of super bowls and celebrity sex

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Our server tallies a daily average of 3,000+ hits on our web site - including international.
These hits have risen by about 1,000 daily in the past year.
Many hits on our extensive archives are a great community resource for students, teachers
and organizers. Every web report we have uploaded since we started in April 1998 is cross-indexed for easy
long term access. Teachers tell us they regularly refer students to our web archives, the only
source of lively, comprehensive, in depth facts & inspiration on vital Valley actions such as:
almost every action of PeaceFresno’s 5+ years since 9-11.
graphic details of the GAP sweatshop protests, arrests, court case.
gutsy docu-poems of home care worker organizing.
7 years of Fresno cop abuses
immigrant rights actions for past 8 years.
expanding our educational podcasts.
• SunMt’s quarter century dance with Big Mama. And here.
AND much more.

We have a contract with the universe to do this dance with Big Mama and you folks in pressing issues
of our times. We have been skipping along this way for decades, in good times and bad. With $$$ and
without. We will stop only when all our energies pass.

But dancing with this modern media takes more $$ than the old mimeo machine.
$Vote for our dance to continue longer & louder with some of your tax deductible $upport.

SunMt 2006-2007 financial report
FINANCES NOW: facing spiraling building costs in 2006, SunMt Board voted to
abort the straw bale project, and to use the $30,000 remainder of the building fund to:
1. pay for repairs on the existing SunHouse,
2. support SunMt organizing-educational video production.

Fresno Bee photo Maia & Elfie editing SunMt docu-poem

We need financial support from our community to maintain and expand
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