Our tax $$$ against free speech¿?

Not a well kept secret around Fresno these days:
the out-of-town corporation which owns Fashion Fair is pushing the City
and County of Fresno to appeal the total free speech victory which we
won in open court.

The out-of-towners could not do the appeal directly because they were not
an official party. They made a deal with the Fresno police to have
19 of us arrested and criminally tried last year. Officially the case
was “The
People vs. Mike Rhodes et al.” Mike Rhodes et al recently won. Free
speech won.
We now legally have a right to demonstrate in Fashion Fair against
sweatshops. All trespassing and interfering charges were thrown out of court.

Now the out-of-town biggies want City and County to spend more of our
tax dollars appealing this decision and fronting their drive to suppress
free speech in Fresno and kiss up to GAP sweatshops.

The City has already spent over $3,000 an hour to arrest 19 of us. And
who knows how many thousands of our tax $$$ dragging us thru court for
a year and a half. Why should our tax $$$ be used to front for an
anti-democratic out of town corporation¿? Maybe we should ask that
question of our mayor, our
city council, our board of supervisors¿?

Just a dawn thought on the mountain.

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