Members of United Farm Workers and supporters
march 150 miles to Sacramento to inspire California
Gov. Davis to find his justice pen and sign a bill
requiring the growers to deal fairly with workers
when they vote for union representation. Join us we
as we walk, sweat, sing, dance and speak out for
the justice of our cause. By the time we climbed the
Capitol steps we were 5,000+. This video completed
2 weeks after the march in September 2002.

Educational uses: social studies, labor issues, ethnic studies,
political science, current events.

9 minutes • $20 to unrich individuals and unfunded community
groups; $80, all others • shipping and tax included.

To purchase call 888 303-0103 or e-mail.

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Clean Conscience
Sweat with us
Talk with us
Justice over injustice
Sign that bill
Historic Coachella farm worker arrest
This clip opens docu-poem

Main Cyber Theater